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Facilitation for Innovation

This highly interactive course introduces tools and practices that groups and teams can use to heighten their creativity quotient and foster innovative problem solving.


While the “lone genius” remains a beloved cultural image, the science of creativity shows that connections among innovators are what enable breakthroughs, large and small. Groups and teams are a critical place to cultivate creative thinking for innovative solutions.

This high energy one-day course introduces tools and practices that groups and teams can use to elevate their creativity quotient, such as:

  • Shaking Up the Mind: Limbering up our habits of thought
  • Framing and Re-Framing Problems And Dilemmas: Seeing a problem anew
  • Developing Creative Solutions: inspiring pathways for action

You will receive a workbook with an expanded set of creativity-sparking methods, tools, and resources.

Course Applicable To:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Project Managers
  • Educators
  • Active Citizens and Community Organizers
  • Facilitators, Trainers and Consultants
  • Organizational Change Agents
  • Those who wish to develop the creative capacities of teams and groups



"This training was FANTASTIC. I have added many new tools to my facilitation toolbox. I can't wait to put these into practice in upcoming focus groups and in my office. This is a training absolutely everyone can learn from, even if they think they don't need it. You will walk away with something new to use."

- Kelsey Irvine, MPH  - Community Health Planner


"This course provided a fresh way of looking at problem solving and strategy development. The tools presented can most certainly help inject energy and creativity into these efforts.  Really enjoyed the topic and ALL of the instructors. The team teaching was seamless and it's clear you are all wonderfully experienced and competent."

Paula Whitney Facilitator and Project Consultant


"I walked away from the training with so many creative ideas. Within a week of the training, I used them with a large group and they were highly successful!"

- Tracey Sridharan, Education Program Specialist

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