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ToP Facilitation Methods - Leadership Edition

A sister to our flagship facilitation course, this extended three-day version highlights the role of the facilitative leader and offers additional practice opportunities in a more relaxed environment. *Tiered pricing available*


Whether you are a new or seasoned leader, in this engaging course you will learn creative, fresh and powerful ways to inspire your staff to effectively meet your organization’s goals.

Focused Conversation
Generate meaningful, productive dialogue around any topic with this universal framework.

  • Conduct purposeful discussions that lead to action or understanding
  • Stimulate candid feedback
  • Surface new ideas and solutions

Consensus Workshop
Infuse a group with creative energy and bring diverse opinions and perspectives into alignment with this energizing process.

  • Tap rational and intuitive thought processes
  • Respectfully integrate diverse ideas into a larger whole
  • Generate practical and creative solutions from multiple perspectives
  • Minimize conflict and achieve consensus

Action Planning
Quickly plan and prepare a group project for launch, and develop shared commitment to timelines, tasks, and success measures. 

  • Analyze the current reality and set inspiring goals
  • Maximize group ownership and creativity
  • Craft a doable plan with clear ownership, timelines and success measures

Immersive demonstrations, hands on practice, peer coaching, and real life application opportunities will ensure you leave with confidence to immediately put your new skills to use. 

You’ll receive: step-by-step manual and resource guide + 1 hour of free expert coaching.

Course Applicable To:

Leaders who want higher engagement, motivation and greater results from teams

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Executive Directors and Board Members
  • Project and Team Leaders
  • Educators and Health Practitioners
  • Active Citizens and Community Workers
  • Facilitators, Trainers and Consultants
  • Government Employees and Elected Officials



Continuing Ed Credits

14.5 AICP (APA)



"I went through a ToP facilitation training several years ago and it was by far the best quality and most useful training I have participated in over the years. The co-[trainers] really bring the subject alive and help teach through applied learning.”

- Heather Ficht, Executive Director
East Cascades Workforce Investment Board


“It’s been years since I took a ToP workshop but I still use techniques I learned. I’m always pleased with the results, but last night’s meeting exceeded my hopes. Our topic was controversial and the participants had a reputation for being confrontational. And while our questions were designed to bring out the most productive answers, it was the methodology I have to thank for establishing a context where people felt appreciated and heard, and as a result offered up their most constructive, forthright, and insightful input. In the summative words of one of our participants: WOW”

-Susan Starbird
Starbird Creative


"ToP training is rigorous, powerful and well worth the investment! We trained our entire management team to use ToP Facilitation Methods and have been using them all over the organization. ToP has given managers an important tool that strengthens the culture of participatory decision making and promotes staff acceptance and enthusiasm for organization initiatives and change."

- Elizabeth Carty, MSW
Chief Operating Officer, Center for Elders Independence

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