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ToP Strategic Planning Online

ToP Strategic Planning teaches how to weave powerful ToP methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning and creation of plans that are realistic, achievable and easy to monitor. This method is especially useful with larger groups of stakeholders and groups holding diverse ideas. Strategic plans using this powerful process can be accomplished in as little as two days. *See below for available tiered pricing!*


ToP Strategic Planning Online Edition translates the ToP Strategic Planning process to an online format that preserves the richness of the face to face version and moves it into the virtual world. Highly participatory, the Online Edition breaks down barriers and builds engagement wherever you may be.

Each half-day segment is devoted to one of five phases of developing a strategic plan:

  1. Preparation and Design

  2. Practical Vision

  3. Underlying Contradictions

  4. Strategic Directions

  5. Focused Implementation

For each segment, participants will participate in a demonstration of the process, followed by a review of the process experienced, key steps and approaches used and discussion of factors in facilitating the segment. This structure enables the experience of how the processes invite a wide range of thinking styles, invites participation from many perspectives and yields a coherent, practical plan.  

The course will be delivered via Zoom in combination with another online collaboration platform: either Miro or Mural - see details for yours.  The course is not a training course for these platforms but will allow participants to interact with the technology to understand its features and benefits.  Participants will receive several templates to support the work of each section as well as suggestions for using other supporting technology.

Participants will need an internet connected computer, strong broadband signal, and a quiet place from which to join the sessions.


See a short video about the Strategic Planning course here.

Course Applicable To:

Those needing to collaborate with large numbers of stakeholders to develop long-term strategy quickly

Executives, managers and organizational leaders who depend on others for successful implementation of organization strategies

Board members, educators and individuals responsible for leading organizations into the future.

Facilitators and consultants

Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers


 ToP Facilitation Methods (TFM)

Continuing Ed Credits


14.5 AICP (APA)



“ToP Strategic Planning was fabulous and brings new light and insight into planning for success.  The method is inclusive and expansive, including amazing tools for implementation.”  Michael Fredericks - President - SALT, Anchorage AK

“The force gave me a simple, powerful framework that any of my clients can easily use to create strategic plans that will actually come to fruition!”    Janet Mahrle - Owner - Mahrle Coaching Services, Sacramento CA

“Full of ways to motivate and energize people meaningfully in creating their future, whether for themselves, their family or places of work.”  Carolyn Newbetty Schwartz - Consultant - Oak Park IL 

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