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ToP Facilitation Methods Online

Explore the landscape of facilitation and learn three key processes for activating group participation virtually, in our acclaimed flagship course modified for the virtual world.


Have you found yourself struggling to conduct meaningful online conversations? 

Are you anxious about what to do when someone dominates the conversation?

Do you feel like a used car salesman trying to get people to stay committed and motivated to group projects?

In this engaging live on-line modular course you look at the landscape of facilitation and will learn three simple, universally applicable approaches to help you confidently move any group from unproductive conflict or confusion to consensus and commitment.

Landscape of Facilitation (Module I)

  • Introduction and facility with the virtual facilitation environment

  • Understanding of ToP facilitation as a participatory and respectful process that helps groups create shared awareness, agreement, and action online   

  • Understand the foundational theory and flow of ToP Facilitation Methods virtually

Focused Conversation  (Module II)
Generate meaningful, productive dialogue around any topic with this universal framework. Learn how to virtually : 

  • Build your confidence in hosting respectful, inclusive conversations online

  • Deepen awareness and understanding of individual and group dynamics in conversation

  • Feel increasingly comfortable flexing between the roles of participant, designer, and facilitator

  • Participate in an online learning environment, where a variety of virtual tools are modeled for their potential use, including chat, participant, and breakout features in Zoom

Consensus Workshop (Module III)
Infuse a group with creativity and bring diverse opinions and perspectives into alignment with this energizing virtual process.

  • Respectfully integrate diverse ideas into a larger whole

  • Tap rational and intuitive thought processes

  • Generate practical and creative solutions from multiple perspectives

  • Actively engage participants in collective decision-making

Action Planning (Module IV)
Quickly plan and prepare a group project for launch, and develop shared commitment to timelines, tasks, and success measures.

  • Analyze the current reality and set inspiring goal

  • Maximize group ownership and creativity

  • Craft a doable plan with clear ownership, timelines and success measures

Immersive demonstrations, process review of foundational theoretical understanding of facilitation and group dynamics, and planning for application regardless of preferred virtual platform, will ensure you leave with confidence to immediately put your new skills to use.

You will receive: step-by-step manual and resource guide
You will be asked to: participate in self-guided learning including reading materials and assignments

Course Applicable To:

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Executive directors and board members
  • Educators and health practitioners
  • Project and team leaders
  • Active citizens and community workers
  • Facilitators, trainers and consultants
  • Government employees and elected officials
  • UX and product designers
  • Organizational change agents
  • Community organizers
  • Others who lead meetings or collaborate with groups of any kind



Continuing Ed Credits

Applicable for NCHEC (CHES & MCHES) and AICP (APA). Inquire to for credit hour details.


Course Pricing: Corporate or large nonprofit - $1,150, Public or government - $950, Independent Consultant or Mid-sized nonprofit - $850, Student or small non-profit - $550

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