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Technology of Participation (ToP)® Certification

Technology of Participation (ToP)® Certification is an internationally recognized and respected facilitator certification. Becoming a Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF) is a journey that will deepen your facilitation practice, expand your offerings to clients, and hone your creative and intentional design skills.

"I’m in the Oneida Native American Community practicing the Technology of Participation. The Certification journey was a great process for me. As a new facilitator, it made me be intentional about the use of the methods, with confidence that knowing that I really did have the competencies, and that I could transfer and share the methods." - Bev Scow, CTF

Benefits of becoming a CTF

  • Membership in a high-quality, focused community of practice that is engaged in continuous quality improvement
  • Customers know and trust your skills and capacity as a facilitator
  • Increased credibility and marketability in an expanding market
  • Confirmation of your ability to meet and exceed these international standards of excellence determined and recognized by ICA and ToP practitioners globally
  • Increased personal appreciation of and confidence in your skills and experience
  • Opportunity for guided self-assessment to refocus your career and development

Benefits to your clients

  • Evidence that you have the depth and breadth of skills as a competent ToP facilitator
  • Knowledge that your skills have been reviewed by peers and meet high expectations of competency and performance
  • Positions ToP as evidence-based in the marketplace
  • Knowledge that you care enough about your work to put yourself through the rigorous process of facilitation certification

Competencies of a CTF

Certified ToP Facilitators are able to effectively:

  • Manage positive client relationships
  • Create a participatory environment
  • Evoke the creativity of the group
  • Use ToP Methods Effectively
  • Model positive professional attitudes
  • Orchestrate quality events
  • Produce effective results

Start Your Journey to Becoming A Certified ToP® Facilitator (CTF)

Not every CTF journey is the same, but below are the steps most candidates find themselves taking as they are working toward certification.

Interested in learning more or declaring your interest in starting your journey? Submit your application here or reach out on the Contact Us Page!

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