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Designing for Change

The images we hold about ourselves and our world shape our behavior. Unlock the power of image to help clients transform their current reality into the future they seek and create effective and lasting change.


Are you looking for a practical way to make possible deep and lasting change as a result of the facilitation and training you do?

Are you seeking a creative and comprehensive approach to facilitation and curriculum design?

Over time, individuals, groups, and organizations develop patterns that no longer serve them. Breaking or changing those patterns is an extremely difficult task.

This course delves into the complexity and depth required for transformational change and provides you with tools to design facilitation or training sessions that meet the challenges of today.

The Designing for Change course applies basic human psychology to facilitation and training.  It looks at:

  • images that shape the behaviors of clients
  • deeply held mental models that keep those images in place
  • how you, through assessment and facilitation design can support your clients to transform their current reality into the future they are seeking.

This 2-day course has applications for those who work on change efforts with all types of clients, at the personal, organizational, and community level. You will walk away with three new tools to add to your ToP toolkit – and a framework for how to design sessions, events, and projects that cultivate change.

Course Applicable To:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Executive Directors and Board Members
  • Educators
  • Health Practitioners
  • Project and Team Leaders
  • Active Citizens and Community Organizers
  • Facilitators, Trainers and Consultants
  • Local, State, and Federal Employees and Elected Officials
  • Organizational Change Agents
  • Coaches
  • Community Development Professionals
  • Community Planners
  • Those involved in leading change, transformation, and improvement processes


ToP Facilitation Methods (TFM)


Course Pricing: Corporate or large nonprofit - $950, Public or government - $750, Independent Consultant or Mid-sized nonprofit - $650, Student or small non-profit - $400



“[The tools in this course] greatly enhanced my facilitator "toolkit," particularly when helping public health programs plan to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. The training helped me identify those circumstances when a shift in image was necessary to achieve success & gave me the tools to provide that shift opportunity for groups.”

Jane Schadle,
Public Health Executive, Iowa


The [Designing for Change] workshop helped me put all of the ToP methods I've learned into a cohesive package. The overall concept of image shift is quite profound, it has changed my daily thinking and practice when working in the community but also in my daily life.“

Joy Garcia,Executive Director
First 5 Shasta County.


“The [Designing for Change] course provides many tools to use in developing programs, for those targeting behavior change and impacting systems level thinking. It is a great asset to any program manager or trainers tool box to enrich program design and delivery not just at the front end but also to provide a rich experience to honor different learning styles. Any public health professional intent on creating change at the individual or systems level will find [this] course extremely beneficial.”

Librada Estrada, MPH, CHES, CPCC, ACC
Coach and Facilitator


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