The ToP Trainer’s Journey

It’s a journey worth taking!

Take a look at the step-by-step process for becoming an Apprentice Trainer or a Qualified Trainer.  Learn what it takes to be a Mentor Trainer or an Internal Trainer.  See ToP Trainer’s Roles & Responsibilities.  Review the ToP Trainer’s License Agreement and ICA Policy Statements.

alt The ToP Trainer's Journey


What a Participant Said ...

“Learning this technology of participation and internalizing its intrinsic values of honor,
respect, and compassion is an effective means of leadership development for a multicultural

In a single process, individuals and groups can find their own self-defined center
and see a new paradigm of their intra-and inter-group relationships. The process humbles
and empowers. The process liberates the individuals of the group and strengthens the group.
Apparent contradictions are resolved not by conflict but through the revelation of higher

Perceived inefficiency of consensus gives way to effectiveness of unity. The group
moves not to its lowest common denominator as is often expected, but rises to its higher
common values. The group is not pulled by a single dominating leader but is pushed by its
members who take individual responsibility for leadership and followship. Each person contributes and each benefits in each other’s processes of being and becoming.”

David Lester, CEO, Council of Energy Resource Tribes


Technology of Participation (ToP)® Courses have evolved since 1986.  Today's curriculum is listed on the ToP website under the Courses tab.   

Levels of Trainer Status

  • Apprentice Trainer (AT) 
  • Qualified Trainer (QT) 
  • Mentor Trainer (MT) 
  • Internal Trainer (IT) 
  • Participant Observer (PO)

Learn to energize meetings. Find consensus.

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altThis training was rewarding and inspiring, and you walk out the alt door ready to use your new tools.

Kassy Rice, DFC Project Coordinator

Top Facilitation Methods: Des Moines, Iowa

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