ToP TIP: Speak Up

Having difficulty getting participation in your meetings?  Do people have ideas but don’t speak up?  Try this ToP Consensus method:  Have participants write their ideas on cards and organize them on a sticky wall.  Hot topics and consensus themes tend to pop out.

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ToP TIP:  Brainstorm - Not “brain freeze”    

How do you keep from being overwhelmed during a brainstorming session?

Try this quick and easy organizational method.  You will need to collect 35 – 45 ideas.   So, divide your participants into several small groups, and task them with presenting a portion of the ideas. 
(For example, if you have 5 small groups, ask for 7-9 ideas per group.) 

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ToP TIP: Cure for the Circular Conversation    

Tired of having the same old conversations that go nowhere?  ToP’s “Conversation for a Change” helps groups find underlying themes that can lead to results. 

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