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ToP Facilitation Methods

  1. It teaches you both the process and why you can trust the process.
    Jill Vassilakos-Long, Librarian
    Session: Santa Ana, California

  2. Taking the ToP class was empowering and gave me the tools I need to facilitate a group discussion that needs to conclude with consensus or action.
    Barbara Powers, Chief Development Officer at OneOC
    Session: Santa Ana, California

  3. I am walking away from the ToP Facilitation Methods training with a useful toolkit that gives me confidence in knowing I can adequately guide groups towards more focused conversations leading to consensus and action.
    Sherri Harris, MPH Program Director, Network of Emergency Trafficking Services, Orange County, The Salvation Army
    Session: Santa Ana, California

  4. If you plan to attend, then you better plan to participate; you definitely won't just sit and listen!
    Mel Anderson, Strategic Performance Analyst
    Session: Denver, Colorado

  5. I've had some facilitation experience/training in the past, but this course allowed me to really dive deep into thinking about what I wanted to accomplish by facilitating and gave me new skills that will ensure meeting outcomes that can actually be implemented.
    Amber Von Harten- Fishery Outreach Specialist
    Session: Denver, Colorado

  6. I loved this course because I am able to apply it to so many different aspects of my personal life and work life. I feel like so many of my issues that I was facing during group meetings or planning events can be addressed by using these methods. It was a very rewarding class, and I feel accomplished!
    Melissa Ortiz, Program Director, Girls Inc. of Sioux City, Iowa
    Session: Sioux City, Iowa

  7. I learned how to effectively harness the power of a group.
    Ben Hanten
    Session: Sioux City, Iowa

  8. This training was unlike other trainings. It was rewarding and inspiring, and you walk out the door ready to use your new tools.
    Kassy Rice,  DFC Project Coordinator
    Session: Des Moines, Iowa

  9. A comfortable and enjoyable learning environment to work on facilitation techniques
    Heather Brown, Civil Operations NCO
    Session: Des Moines, Iowa

  10. Something you need to take. (For those out there that don't think they need this course or think they don't have the time - then this course is for you!)
    Jeff Hoye, Managing Director
    Session: Sacramento, California

  11. I was fully engaged during this three-day training. And I walked away with tools and processes I started using my first day back at the office.
    Tara Garrett, PMP, Sr. Project Manager
    Session: Sacramento, California

  12. I have been facilitating groups for 20 years with some success.  I am confident of an even higher level of success with the ToP models and tools.
    Michael DeSousa, Senior Consultant. CPS HR Consulting
    Session: Sacramento, California

  13. Very helpful.  I gained skills and confidence.
    Barbara DeGraaf, Strengthening Families State Lead, Strategies
    Session: Sacramento, California

  14. Simple, yet powerful methods for creating constructive dialogue and organizing an unwieldy process of getting to agreement.
    Kelly Kingman, graphic recorder, Kingman Ink
    Session: New York, New York

  15. The process is empowering in its simplicity.
    Pam Ransom Associate Prof Metropolitan College
    Session: New York, New York

  16. It has wide applications.  Anyone who deals with teams or works in a collaborative environment will benefit from this course.
    Robin Rifkin Facilitator/ Program Manager
    Session: New York, New York

  17. The ToP course provides you with the theory and practice of designing people-focused idea exchange meetings that result in meaningful, inclusive results.
    Hannah "Banana" Feldberg-Dubin
    Session: New York, New York

  18. It was a highly interactive training where you learn practical and effective facilitation methods that you can be implemented in a variety of settings.
    Mary Mezey, MSW Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
    Session: Phoenix, Arizona

  19. I would recommend this to anyone who has to facilitate or organize public meetings, as well as internal staff meetings.
    Traci Steger, Village of Woodridge Police Department 
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  20. It was one of the best training experiences I've ever had!
    Victoria Romero (trainer), Chicago Department of Public Health
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  21. This training let me see the process of how to effectively guide/move a group of people toward an objective or goal.
    Jenny Patton, Director of Parent, Family and Community Engagement. Missouri Ozarks Community Action Head Start
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  22. Amazing!  Great methods on facilitation!  I am feeling so prepared and armed with new knowledge to effectively gain group participation.  Amazing!
    Anne Roach, Disabilities Coordinator, Missouri Ozarks Community Action, INC
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  23. Great methods and techniques for building consensus.
    Evan Markowitz, Biologist/Engineer, Huff and Huff, INC.
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  24. This training provides skills and practice for all levels of facilitation experience.
    Tracy Tritle, Consultant, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  25. Time just flew. I was engaged, and I can be quiet and shy.
    Nadine Alletto, Director of Finance Village of Woodridge
    Session: Chicago, Illinois

  26. This course provides an incredible set of tools to conduct a meaningful, productive meeting.
    Rebecca Talley, Project Director,  Alignment USA
    Session: Nashville, Tennessee

  27. Liz did a remarkable job on introducing these methods. It's amazing how she was able to train and teach the methods with redundancy while maintaining the group's attention.
    Pearlie Jackson, Business Intelligence Analyst
    Session: Nashville, Tennessee

  28. Highly effective tools for group and conversational facilitation!
    Dan Haile, Principal, Haile Coaching & Leadership
    Session: Nashville, Tennessee

  29. Absolutely excellent and worthwhile training to learn concrete methods to help you better facilitate meetings and help groups engage and come to agreement. Worth every penny.  Worth every minute.
    Ann Kletz, Consultant
    Session: Alameda, California

  30. The structure, process and materials are invaluable.  Gives you a new perspective on facilitation.
    Breanna Hatcher
    Session: Alameda, California

  31. This training helped me see that reaching consensus for my organization can be done in a less painful and more efficient manner.  It just takes the right planning, questions and facilitation.
    Gwendy Brown, Director of Policy & New Initiatives
    Session: Alameda, California

  32. I learned practical skills and methods for facilitating effective meetings and planning processes, including encouraging participation by all, staying focused by following the process, and cementing commitment to the meeting's outcomes.
    Melody Steeples
    Session: Alameda, California

  33. If you are a process-oriented thinker, you'll love these techniques!
    Kelly Reed-Hirsch, Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services Public Health Program Manager
    Session: Alameda, California

  34. It provides a solid, informative, and entertaining overview of two techniques that can truly engage a group in solving problems and planning for opportunities.
    Vera Potapenko, PhD, Chief HR Officer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Session: Alameda, California

  35. Methods are applicable in many different contexts.  They will deepen the experience of participants and, most importantly, deepen commitments to outcomes.
    Karen Ramorino, OD and Learning Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Session: Alameda, California

  36. This was a time of challenge within a non-threatening environment.
    Leisa Wagstaff, Mission Co-Worker to South Sudan, PCUSA
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  37. It simplifies the process of engaging groups to avoid a single voice from taking the group over. The process is quick and can have a profound effect on those willing to participate.
    John J. Beranek
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  38. Lots of great content - extremely valuable to anyone leading meetings, discussions or ideation sessions.
    Dave Fredrickson Benefits Specialist
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  39. ToP equips you with the skills to shift emotionally charged meetings, topics and/or situations into productive problem-solving sessions.
    Tamra Laska, Crow Wing County Human Resources
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  40.  If you are looking for an effective way that diverse groups come to a place of shared understanding that allows everyone to move forward, this is for you!
    Mary Kay Bailey, Project Director, The Saint Paul Foundation
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  41. My ToP training was an experience that pushed me outside of my comfort zone and let me know that I can do it.
    Tina Ebertowski, EESD Family Unit Program Coordinator
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  42. ToP Methods seem to be magical if you have ever been in a meeting where all that gets accomplished are report-outs.
    Angie Asa-Lovstad, Executive Director of Kossuth Connections
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  43. This course is worthwhile, engaging and eye-opening.
    Jacob Olson, Marketing Specialist, Social Media
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  44. Since I'm new to this area, I think the ToP training gave me a strong foundation for building my facilitation skills.
    Michele Kassmeie, Program Coordinator/Communications Specialist
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  45. This is a very engaging process to get many ideas and come to a plan that everyone owns and agrees on.
    Agne Dizona, VP of Community Engagement and Volunteering, United Way of the Midlands
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  46. One of those conferences that changes the way you approach your work -- for the better, much better.
    Beth Shearer, Senior Associate
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  47. Engaging and fun way to learn useful skills about facilitation that apply to both work and personal life.
    Jeff Armitage, Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  48. This experience is a hands-on learning experience that will equip you to help bring people from data to action, from abstract to concrete, and from chaos to organization. This course is about how to help others engage in deep conversations necessary for a desired outcome.
    Jessica Thompson, Public Health Project Coordinator
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  49. As a novice facilitator, I found this course to be the right mix of learning, practical techniques and practicing those techniques.
    Bill Hanawalt, Executive Director, Peace Community Center
    Session: Seattle, Washington

  50. I learned how to break down the process of a conversation in order to gain consensus, listen to a variety of view points and come to conclusions and ways to move forward as a group.
    Colleen Sanders Program Leader Extension Center for Youth Development
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  51. Respectful, successful and extremely useful in the complex world in which we live and work.
    Rosemary DiCandilo, Education and Training Manager
    Session: Portland, OR

  52. I loved this course because I am able to apply it to so many different aspects of my personal life and work life. It was a very rewarding class, and I feel accomplished!
    Melissa Ortiz, Program Director - Girls Inc. of Sioux City, IA
    Session: Sioux City, IA

  53. I learned how to effectively harness the power of a group.
    Ben Hanten
    Session: Sioux City, IA

  54. A worthwhile experience that provides essential skills for facilitating group discussions and planning.
    Suzanne Johnston, Employee Relations, Bunn
    Session: Sioux City, IA

  55. The trainers made a safe and comfortable environment to learn and practice new skills.
    Janet Farrar, WYDOT Program Manager
    Session: Denver, Colorado

  56. In just two days, this course taught me skills that I can immediately use at work and in my personal life to significantly improve communication. I highly recommend it!
    Myra Brouwer, Fisheries Biologist
    Session: Denver, Colorado

  57. The Focused Conversation is something that needs intentional practice but once learned is extremely useful. This workshop was a practical one.
    Sandy Guidry Assistant Director Early Childhood, Special Education,Title Services Kansas State Department of Education

  58. Very relevant for the business world, regardless of what your business is!
    Tammy Mitchell Education Consultant

  59. I think this course is very beneficial, both to work life and home life.
    Laura Jurgensen, Education Program Consultant - Legal

 Strategic Planning

  1. During these two days of training I not only had a chance to connect with others who are in favor of increasing their productivity with ToP but also have learned useful tips on how to deliver Stratgic Planning in my office!
    Natalia Krasnobaieva, ChangeMakers Program Coordinator
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  2. The ToP methods for Group Facilitation and Strategic Planning are flexible and adaptable for work done with groups as small as five to ones of a couple of hundred individuals. I've used them for more than a decade helping intact and cross-functional work teams collaborate and create in ways they never envisioned possible. In addition, the training provided by ToP master trainers enables both seasoned and new group process professionals succeed with ease and grace."
    Sharon Weinberg, Manager of Leadership Development, Kaiser Permanente
    Session: Oakland, CA

  3. This strategic planning process authentically engages the participation of all members of the group. Consensus is a central value. Blocks and barriers to action are identified and the group takes responsibility for addressing them. An amazing process.
    Ramona Rusinak, RN, PhD Public Health Consultant
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  4. A comprehensive method of bringing a group from articulating a 3-year strategic vision all the way through to short-term actions that sends them on their way toward that vision. Engages the group to address the deep, underlying challenges often left unaddressed that keep them from acheiving the vision.
    Emily Anderson, Project Manager
    Session: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  5. Walked away with a skill-set and toolkit that I can use in pretty much any planning process.
    Melody Steeples Director, CAN-Act
    Session: Alameda, CA

  6. It is very helpful to learn how to handle multiple people to achieve one common goal.
    Dulce Espelosin, Latin America Alumni Manager, Rare Conservation.
    Session: Alameda, CA

  7. Information overload within a short period of time. I really liked the training, but I'm having a hard time processing all the information that was given.
    Jenny Patton Dir. Parent, Family, & Community Engagement
    Session: Alameda, CA

  8. Very informative and practical. Excited to use the methods taught.
    Anne Roach Disabilities Coordinator for MOCA Head Start
    Session: Alameda, CA

  9. Extremely insightful and useful! The methods that you learn in the ToP Facilitation courses are methods that you can use with a multitude of audiences for most any purpose you would encounter.
    Leah Felcher, Senior Partner, Partnerships Plus
    Session: Phoenix, AZ

  10. This is the course that you need to learn how to jump start a lagging organization or community. Building on the consensus workshop and focus conversation offered in the TFM course, this course gives you the additional tools to help groups create practical actions in STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS, to deal effectively with UNDERLYING CONTRADICTIONS, and realize their PRACTICAL VISION.
    Carrie Cohill, Adjunct Faculty at Ottawa University
    Session: Phoenix, AZ

  11. Very beneficial
    Reesa Webb Project Director
    Session: Denver, CO

  12. This process dispels the myths and supposed horrors of "Strategic Planning."  This is a well-thought-out, developmental approach to a process that can focus an organization's dreams and energy and move it forward. If you've had a bad experience with Strategic Planning in the past, this is the antidote!
    Marcia White, Program Manager, Community Health Endowment of Lincoln
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  13. This experience has allowed me to improve my intentionality in comprehensive conversations that improve the overall outcome.
    Beth Morrissette, Executive Director
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  14. Best strategic planning process I have seen in my 30-year career.
    Colleen Roth, Director of Children and Family Services, Project Harmony, Child Advocacy Center
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  15. This course significantly empowers you and gives you the skills and knowledge to effectively facilitate a group.
    Greg Moser
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  16. Packed with practical tools that can be used with any size, combination or varying priorities of groups of human beings working towards bettering themselves.
    John Beranek
    Session: Omaha, Nebraska

  17. These two courses provide an inclusive, systematic way to deal with difficult issues that is pretty much guaranteed to be successful if you are loyal to the process. It works.
    Susan Becklenberg Director, Fiscal Operations MU School of Medicine
    Session: University of Missouri

  18. ToP trainings always energize me. I am confident that I now have the skills and knowledge of this strategic planning method to assist groups in reaching a plan everyone is pleased with.
    Katina Volle, Coordinator
    Session: University of Missouri

  19. Excellent, good strategy, and relevant.
    Kris Thompson, FSD Program Development Specialist
    Session: Missouri Community Action Agency

  20. A wonderful experience that proves you can teach an old (well - not that old) dog new tricks.
    Melanie Corporon, Director of Community Development
    Session: Missouri Community Action Agency

  21. This was a very powerful training. Not only will I use the methods I learned at my job in many ways but I use it in all aspects of my life.
    Janet Miller Human Resource Director
    Session: Missouri Community Action Agency

  22. It was the best and most rewarding training I have ever had the opportunity to attend. The training provides useful skills that can be used every day.
    Betty Whittaker, CSBG/County Operations Director
    Session: Missouri Community Action Agency

  23. This course has helped me learn the skills needed to work in strategic planning processes. I feel better prepared to be a part of strategic planning in my work unit.
    Kathy Burkhardt, MS, CPRP Principal Community Program Specialist City of Las Vegas
    Session: Las Vegas, NV

  24. This course built on methods and techniques taught in the basic Facilitations Methods course and offered ways to leverage the skills learned there to a larger strategic planning effort.
    Jim Rickett Senior License Officer
    Session: Las Vegas, NV

Power of Image Shift

  1. It made me rethink how and what I do to prepare for a client.
    George Packard

Environmental Scanning Approaches

  1. This course gave me a range of tools to engage group members – regardless of their levels of expertise or longevity.
    Belinda Waldron

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altThis training was rewarding and inspiring, and you walk out the alt door ready to use your new tools.

Kassy Rice, DFC Project Coordinator

Top Facilitation Methods: Des Moines, Iowa

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