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The Institute of Cultural Affairs – USA (ICA) provides this Email Privacy Statement in order to communicate our commitment to your information privacy and security. We use Memberclicks services to manage our Technology of Participation (ToP)® Course Registration system and database contact information of individuals who take our ToP courses. This statement applies to course registrants/participants receiving email messages sent through the Memberclicks communication services. ToP Course Registrars are responsible for providing and managing Contacts' information and providing content of communications delivered from ICA via Memberclicks.

How We Use Information

We will not share your contact information with any third parties, including partners, advertisers, or third party service providers. Only ICA staff and ToP Course Registrars have permission to use your contact information.  Your email address and other contact information will be used to let you know about our courses, our programs, and ways you can become involved with our initiatives, Communities of Practice, and the ToP Network, if you so desire.  The ToP Network is a Professional Association of ToP Trainers and Facilitators who use ToP facilitation methods in their work.  We do not sell or rent contact information to third parties of any kind for any reason. Memberclicks does not use your contact information for their promotional use or their direct marketing efforts.

How to Unsubscribe from Future Emails

At the bottom of an email you receive from ICA via Memberclicks, select Unsubscribe. This action will only remove you from future mass mailings from ICA.  You may receive individual messages from the ToP Registrars who offered the ToP course(s) you have registered for and/or completed.

Please report suspected abuses of our privacy and security agreements by contacting [email protected]

Effective May 5, 2013
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