National ToP Trainers' Academy
Course Type: Advanced
Pre-requisite: Certified ToP Facilitator or almost complete with Certification
Time Required: 12 days of learning in Chicago (presented in three-day increments, quarterly)



Location:  Chicago IL

About the Course
The National ToP Trainers’ Academy is a one-year comprehensive train-the-trainer model designed to qualify trainers to teach the ToP Facilitation Methods, the ToP Facilitation Methods Leadership Edition, the One-Day Focused Conversation and the Accelerated Action Planning.

The training assumes that the individuals are already Certified ToP Facilitators (CTF) who are experienced in the application of ToP Methods.  Candidates who are strongly anchored in ToP Methods and well on their way to fulfilling the CTF requirements are eligible for this program.  The focus is on becoming a Qualified ToP Trainer.  It is not focused on becoming a facilitator of ToP.


This model is designed to address the needs of those who:

  • Live in a region where there is not an immediately available Mentor Trainer.
  • Participate in a disciplined, accountable approach with practice and support of ToP Mentor Trainers and other Apprentice Trainer colleagues in a learning community committed to advancing your training skills.


Expedite and advance your intent to become a Qualified ToP Trainer in a concentrated time frame.



  • Learn to Teach the ToP Facilitation Methods, the ToP Facilitation Methods Leadership Edition, One-Day Focused Conversation and the Accelerated Action Planning.
  • Co-Train with a ToP Mentor Trainer on ToP Facilitation Methods Courses that you market and set up independently or in collaboration with a Mentor Trainer.*
  • Learn how to deliver feedback and use coaching skills.
  • Learn how to set up a ToP Community of Practice.
  • Have support in establishing an effective ToP Practice and developing your ToP Training Business Plan as an independent or as an in-house trainer.
  • Learn how to be a ToP Registrar and how to effectively launch and market your own ToP courses.
  • Develop your local business plan to fit into the larger ToP Training System.
  • Have access to the ToP Network resources in support of your training practice.

Program Content:


Session One


  • Principles of Adult Training
  • Learn to teach the Focused Conversation
  • Getting inside the ToP Trainer's Manual
  • Establishing an Effective ToP Practice
  • Learning how to be a ToP Registrar
  • Marketing your own ToP courses
  • Qualified to teach the Focused Conversation


Session Two


  • Learn to teach the Consensus Workshop
  • Learn how to deliver feedback and coaching skills
  • Setting up a Community of Practice
  • Accessing the ToP Network Resource
  • Qualified to deliver mentoring groups


Session Three


  • Learn to teach Action Planning
  • Marketing plan to launch your own training
  • Developing a ToP Training Business Plan (ROI of becoming a Qualified ToP Trainer)
  • Qualified to teach Accelerated Action Planning


Session Four


  • Leading effective walk-throughs and presentation of theory
  • TFM relationship to the constellation of ToP Courses
  • Delivering training on additional short courses in the manual
  • ToP training system and structure
  • How your local business plan and TFM fit into the larger ToP System
  • Next Steps as a Qualified Trainer
  • Qualified to teach the TFM and the TFM Leadership Edition


*Apprentice Trainers will establish a relationship with ToP Mentor Trainers to co-deliver ToP Facilitation Methods training throughout the year.



You will be expected to set up course training opportunities that you will co-train with a ToP Mentor Trainer that has a compensation plan agreeable to you and the Mentor Trainer.  Courses may be set up independently by you or in collaboration with the Mentor Trainer (or with another party who may be marketing with you).


Acceptance as a Qualified ToP Trainer is contingent on meeting ToP training competencies and quality standards in co-training partnerships with ToP mentor trainers.   Therefore, it is possible that completion of this qualification may extend beyond the one-year time frame of the Academy.  This qualification will be accomplished through a combination of co-training with Primary Mentor Trainer(s), observation during the gathered Academy learning community, and possibly by means of video.  


National ToP Trainer's Academy


Who Should Take This Course:

  • Someone who want to be a Qualified ToP Trainer
  • Independent facilitators, consultants or trainers
  • In House facilitators, consultants or trainers
  • Educators
  • Community Development Leaders
  • Organizational Development Leaders
  • Those who actively use ToP Methods in facilitating meeting and events and have seen the effectiveness of the methods in your life and work.
  • Those who have a vision and passion to build your own training practice or would like to deliver ToP Methods within your own organization.
  • Those who like to experience the fulfillment of enabling others to facilitate meaningful interactions within their organizations and communities.
  • Those whose training journey will benefit from a structured approach in a concentrated time frame with the practice and support of a learning cohort and mentoring.


  April 08-10, 2016

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