Check out the competencies, benefits and pathway to becoming a Certified ToP Facilitator.

 ToP Facilitator Certification Program


ToP Facilitator Certification Program Guide

The ToP Facilitator Certification Program is an evidence-based process to assess your
ability in relation to the ToP Facilitator Competencies at a “master level.”


Two Major Areas of Mastery

  • Effectively facilitate ToP methods  
  • Design an event that meets the aims of the group

Program Overview
  • ToP Facilitator Competencies Overview 
  • The Significance of Being a Certified ToP Facilitator 
  • Steps Toward ToP Facilitator Certification 
  • Guide to Preparing Your ToP Facilitator Portfolio 
  • Facilitation Documentation for Your Portfolio 
  • ToP Facilitator Competencies Checklist 
  • Facilitation Event Reflection Worksheet 
  • ToP Facilitator Certification Program Application

Learn to energize meetings. Find consensus.

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This training was rewarding and inspiring, and you walk out the door ready to use your new tools.

Kassy Rice, DFC Project Coordinator

Top Facilitation Methods: Des Moines, Iowa

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