Magic of the Facilitator

ToP Training has developed facilitators around the world who are second-to-none in practicing the art and science of group facilitation.  

Read about the 14 competencies of the ToP Facilitator.

Competence #1.  On Top of the Methods
Competence #2.  Able to Deliver on the Deal 
Competence #3.  Both Janitor and Metronome
Competence #4.  The Evocateur 
Competence #5.  Affirmation on the Hoof 
Competence #6.  Under the Neutral Flag
Competence #7.  Antennae Up  
Competence #8.  The Orchestrator 
Competence #9.  The Drano Function
Competence #10. A Highwire Balancing Act  
Competence #11. Big Shoulders 
Competence #12. Hard Copy 
Competence #13. Group Role Model
Competence #14. The Iron Pillar of Freedom 


Overcoming 5 Common Challenges of Facilitation Success

Every group is different, but the issues that most often face facilitators are strikingly similar. This white paper provides a roadmap for navigating the issues, personalities and energy that moves groups to successful resolutions. Click here to read more.


Learn to be successful, even when the unpredictable happens.  

1. Develop, Design, and Adjust Your Framework 

2. Increasing Involvement in Facilitation Groups

3. Facilitating Events with Limited Preparation

4. Managing Difficult Group Dynamics

5. Maintaining Interest and Enthusiasm among Group Members


Learn to energize meetings. Find consensus.

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This training was rewarding and inspiring, and you walk out the door ready to use your new tools.

Kassy Rice, DFC Project Coordinator

Top Facilitation Methods: Des Moines, Iowa

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