Facilitation Graphics

Use color and simple images to bring clarity and energy to your facilitation

Course Type: Gateway
Pre-requisite: None
Time Required: 1-Day Course
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About the Course
Words communicate symbolically. Words married to visuals communicate more deeply and dramatically. There is a power in the visual – it shapes experience, refreshes, enlivens and deepens communication. Nearly 90% of adults learn best tapping into visual thinking/learning skills. This one-day experiential session covers:
  • Exploring a variety of markers, tools, papers and documentation processes
  • Basic shapes and drawing techniques
  • Beginning an icon library
  • Organizing information visually
  • Graphic Recording tips and practice
  • Creating metaphorical Graphic Facilitation templates for your applications while leading the group process


  • Learn to augment your meeting design to engage participants visually
  • Increase your toolkit for communicating ideas and strategies
  • Deepen capability to listen fully and capture key ideas
  • Increase confidence for leading groups using visual tools that help them think, discuss and make decisions

*Course can be custom designed for public or in-house focus! You are invited to bring your facilitation situations to apply visual tools to enhance your facilitation.


Facilitation Graphics

Who Should Take this Course

  • Facilitators, trainers and educators
  • Consultants and coaches
  • Managers and leaders
  • Those who want to develop their skills at communicating and facilitating using basic visual thinking and visual communication techniques
  • Anyone who wants to build on the concepts learned from the Power of Image Shift course


  • Walk away with a design for a real meeting or conference
  • Increase confidence for leading your groups
  • Learn to create and use meeting graphics
  • Receive peer coaching and networking
  • Obtain multiple ideas and strategies for working visually and interactively

Course Calendar
Course Locations


Registration Fee (Early Bird reduction of $25.00 when paid 3 weeks in advance of course):

Organization Type

Course Fee

Corporate (for profit)  $600
Public-Government   $500
Large Non-Profit - Budget greater than 5 million  $600
Mid-sized Non-Profit - Budget between 1-5 million  $450
Small Non-Profit/Community - Budget less than 1 million  $325 
Independent Consultant  $450
Students  $325
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