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Technology of Participation - ToP


ToP provides training, utilizing structured methods to enhance one's facilitation and leadership skills. Structured facilitation methods to help groups think, talk and work together.

  • Recognize and honor contributors
  • Deal with more data in less time
  • Pool individual contributions into useful patterns
  • Welcome diversity; minimize conflict


ToP Training is part of The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the U.S.A. (ICA), as well as the ToP Network.

  • The ToP facilitation programs and methods were developed by ICA staff and volunteers. ICA’s mission is to build a just and equitable society in harmony with Planet Earth through empowering cultural dimensions of the social process. ICA programs strengthen the capacities of organizations, communities and individuals to build and implement innovative plans of action that draw upon assets and social capital in a collaborative manner.

  • The ToP Network is an association of professional facilitators and trainers who use ICA's ToP methods throughout their work. Each member of the network completes training in ICA's methods to develop expertise in the organization's participatory facilitation methods. The ToP Network is designed to promote and transfer ToP methods.



Learn to energize meetings. Find consensus.

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This training was rewarding and inspiring, and you walk out the door ready to use your new tools.

Kassy Rice, DFC Project Coordinator

Top Facilitation Methods: Des Moines, Iowa

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ToP was developed by ICA to release the creativity of people to plan, think and lead to shape their own destiny.
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